About Us

LVM or more commonly called - " Meets" can be netcasted live by any member so thousands of internet viewers can participate in live interactive video discussions about hundreds of different subjects.

We offer Social and also a Business Directory containg hundreds of Categories of Interest where Members can choose to See & Talk Live about their Select Interests. We also provide current News on many subjects to keep Members informed. You'll See & Talk Live with News Makers and Industry Leaders from Business, Technology, Education, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Government and more.

Members can also create Sub-Categories to designate specific interests. As an example, a Member may want specialized information within a main category, such as Education; where sub-categories such as Professors/Teachers, Degree Programs, Course Homework, etc., may be of special interest. Sports can list hundreds of Active and Spectator Topics. The Health and Medical field has hundreds of sub-categories. Every Main Category will have many specialized sub-categories.

Any member who lists a Sub-Category, automatically becomes the Sub-Category Host-Organizer, who acts as the Group Leader that controls the Sub-Category site. The Leader controls individual participation in the site. The leader also has control over the content and can even zap usage by an unruly person. Sub-Categories are listed under the Sub-Category Directory.

It's All FREE

Membership and the use of Live Video Meets is Free! You don't need special equipment nor is a download required. Registration is Simple - Just your Name and eMail address. All we ask is that you tell all your friends about it. We would like you to use our member in-box system to email all your contacts in your lists, including your social media followers. If you do this Now, We'll Reward you with our entire Live Video Programs Free, so you'll be able to use Live Video Conferencing and Netcasting to Communicate Live with Friends, Family and Business Associates. Most Businesses can use everything Free too so Buyers can See Products and Services while Sales Representatives Demo and Display in Live Interactive Video. You can place the Live Video Connector Button on your website, ads, profile page, social sites, even in your emails, so with a button click, users are instantly connected to you in Live Interactive Video.

We are the NEW Social Media where the Net Becomes LIVE with People Seeing and Talking. It's Live Interactive TV. Our Live Video programs include Live NetVision, so thousands of members can see your Netcasts on their Smart TV, Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. Remember this - We list Categories in two Directories - 1) Social Directory and 2) Business Directory.