Live Video Meets - Live Video Meeting

Live Video Meets - Live Video Meeting Quick Start Guide

Live Video Meeting allows Multiple Users to see and talk to each other in Real Time Live Video.

  1. From your Dashboard, click on the “Open LVM” link.
  2. This will open your Live Video Meeting screen.
  3. With this screen open, you can meet with Members, co-workers, family and friends. Live Video Meeting can accommodate up to 250 people, depending on your equipment and bandwidth.
  4. LVM has file sharing, so if you have something to send a file to one or all of the meeting members, with the other person(s), you can accomplish this by clicking on the “File Transfer” button under the person(s) name.
  5. To send text messages, use the text area.
  6. To record the conversation, click on the “Record” button.
  7. To leave the program, click on the “Leave” button.
  8. For instructions and other uses for Live Video Meeting, Click Here.